I’ve Just Been Busy

I know a number of people with blogs who post on a regular basis.  I don’t know how they do it.  I’ve let weeks slip by in silence, though I think about writing all the time.  Alas, I’ve been busy.  (I’m sure they are too, hence my wonderment.)

Since January I have (in no particular order): read 94 books and 20 articles; given my first guest lecture; attended 47 union/labour/politicking meetings*; rewritten my Master’s mini-thesis; run a 5k race (and jogged periodically thereafter); fallen madly in love; attended a conference in Wisconsin; started a garden; presented my Master’s research not once, not twice, but thrice!; participated in two weekend-long workshops; cleaned the apartment a couple times; played some softball; gone to a half dozen political actions; hosted some dinner parties; cared for the cats.

In short, life has gotten in the way.  That’s a good thing.  It feels pretty satisfying as I sip whiskey and check that final book off the list.   I already feel a bit of that anticipatory energy that marks the start of all new life chapters.  I think I’ll write more.  But first, to sleep.

*The total number is probably more than that.  Those were simply the ones I remembered to write down in my planner.  And yes, I really did just count them.  And yes, I might be a masochist.

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One response to “I’ve Just Been Busy

  1. Chris Shannon

    Seems like you have a good balance of academia, social life and political activism. Glad to hear though that you’ve come to the end of your reading.

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