The Ferocious Cold, or, how to slow the hell down

Today I have been sequestered in the imposing building to your left as my immune system battles The Ferocious Cold.  I refer, of course, to The Ferocious Cold (sickness), not The Ferocious Cold (winter).  

Besides having to reschedule about five different things and blowing my nose more times than I can count, today ended up being one of those incredibly productive and almost enjoyable bed-ridden days.

I marked the remainder of my students’ essays, and even inputted their grades!

I caught up on the readings my students have been doing (whoops), and planned their tutorials for later this week.

I replied to the emails I’ve been ignoring.

I did some dishes and took out the recycling.

I updated my budget.

I watched this damning video of racial profiling by police in New York City, which prompted me to reflect on my students’ discussion about the politics of the Internet last week.  (More on that in a future post; it’s got me thinking, especially in anticipation of my trip to NY in a couple weeks.)

I ate some leftover beef stew with carrots from the garden and hung out with my cats, who are immensely pleased that I’ve been in the house for 24 hours and counting.  Such leisure is a rarity!

I won’t go as far as to say that being sick is a barrel of laughs, but today reminds me that I need to schedule some days free of commitments.  While being a childless, relatively well-funded grad student means I’m privileged to have such flexibility, I nevertheless find most of my days jam-packed, morning to night, with meetings, classes I teach, office hours, department lectures, emergency trips to the library, community events, grocery shopping and other such errands, and occasionally, my own research.  The flexibility of graduate school is a particularly sharp double-edged sword because all one’s time is up for grabs.  The Ferocious Cold says slow the hell down, so I did.


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