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Kratie, Cambodia

August 12-13th

Northeast Cambodia is flooding.  The Mekong has spilled over its banks.  This isn’t strange in and of itself because the river naturally expands and contracts with the seasons, but it’s worse this year than usual, and on the eight hour journey between Siem Reap and Kratie we saw a number of houses underwater. Continue reading

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Romance and biotechnology

“Yet capitalism is nothing if not vitally expansionist.”

-Jack Kloppenburg, on capital’s pursuit of the commodification of seed, First the Seed: The Political Economy of Plant Biotechnology

If you don’t look too closely, if you blur the proverbial edges, it’s easy to settle into the comfortable notion that Vietnamese agriculture is the pastoral ideal: the ‘slow’ life, rice paddies that sway with the breeze, the market vendor whose little bundles of herbage elicit ooohs and aaahs from tourists itching to revel in something ‘quaint.’  I can romanticize it too.  Do you see any farmers in that field of maize, concerned about whether or not their new high-yielding seeds will allow them to hold onto their land for another year?

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